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All the Christmas trees have been sold except three. Picking up the Little Tree, the shop owner says, "This little tree is too scraggly, it will never sell. We might have to sell it for firewood." Of course, this makes the Little Tree feel very sad inside. Follow this heartwarming "tree tale," as it delivers its strong Christmas message of happiness, hope and love.

This story may be performed in two different ways. In the "Dialogue Version," the children speak their lines and act out the drama. In the "Narrative Version," the Storyteller tells the story while the children pantomine the action. In both cases, the children sing seven short familiar melodies with fresh new lyrics. Written by Ann Lambert and arranged by Dwight Elrich. Pre-school through 3rd Grade.

Brr! It's really cold out there! But it's nice and warm inside our home . . . and you are just in time for some hot chocolate with marshmallows and a cozy, heart-warming story!

It begins at a Christmas tree lot on a cold, blustery Christmas Eve. All the trees have been sold except three . . . and very soon, only one is left: a scraggly little "nobody" tree.

The Little Tree longs for a family to love. But it's getting late. Christmas is almost here! Who will adopt the scraggly Little Tree?

Soon you will find out, as you perform th most delightful Musical of the holiday season!

This Musical features a storyteller or narrator, plus interesting character parts. In one version, the story may be PANTOMINED, as the narrator leads the audience through the story. In the other version, the dialogue may be SPOKEN by the performers.

Familiar holiday melodies with fresh new lyrics will guarantee enjoyable and rapid learning. Also, the sparkling musical arrangements really add to the excitement of the show!

Children of all ages (including YOU!) will love this charming tree tale!

So sit back, relax, and ENJOY!
The Little Tree's Christmas Gift

  1. The Little Tree's Christmas Gift (Overture)
  2. Buy Our Trees! (The Tree Men's Song)
  3. Please Make A Deal For Me (Tree Buyers' Song #1)
  4. Please Make A Deal For Me (Tree Buyers' Song #2)
  5. Cold In the Night (The Little Tree's Song)
  6. O Little Tree With Slender Branch (Family's Song)
  7. Here We Come A-Caroling / O Christmas Tree (Carolers' Songs)
  8. Underscore Tree Music
  9. Christmas Tree Song
  10. Deck The Halls / We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Audience Participation Carols)

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We Wish You A Merry Christmas

(Cast members should be played by children, though adults can be used if necessary)
  • Storyteller - Preferably a teacher or other adult. May be an older student who can deliver the lines competently.
  • The Little Tree - A small boy or girl. Must be able to look sincere, lonely, lost, and adorable! Should be able to sing. The Tree's costume may consist of two large pieces of green felt, sewn together with holes for arms and legs. An easier costume idea would be green pants, a green shirt, and real tree branches to be held in the hands of the child.
  • First Tree Man - Aggressive, enterprising, spokesman for the Tree Men. A leader dressed in a workshirt, overalls, boots, with garden gloves sticking out of his/her back pocket.
  • Second Tree Man - Outgoing, but basically the "yes man" to the First Tree Man. Dressed like the First Tree Man, but may have rope or cord sticking out of back pocket.
  • Third Tree Man - Somewhat of a free thinker, but a little more sensitive than the first two men. Dressed like the other Tree Men, but may have garden clippers sticking out of back pocket.
  • Father of Ill-Mannered Children - Middle-class businessman; harassed; orders his children to obey, which they seldom seem to do. Neatly dressed, semi-formal street clothes.
  • Mother of Ill-Mannered Children - Housewife; takes her cues from her husband. Cannot control children at all; often throws up hands in a what-should-I-do-now? gesture. Wearing a dress.
  • Ill-Mannered Children - (Several! Any number of them will do, within reason!) Many sight gags may be developed for these Katzenjammer Kids. Possible props: squirt guns, broken dolls, sling shots, etc. The Children should be in play clothes.
  • Grand Old Man - Everything about this man is snooty: the walk, the dress, and the mannerisms. The gold credit card he pulls out should be quite large and shiny, so no one will miss it! This man should be well dressed in a high profile way: he may wear a top hat and walk with a fancy cane.
  • Grand Old Wife - Just as haughty as her husband; hand-held spectacles would be a good prop for her; a white or blue-tinted wig would be great; well dressed in a gaudy way; lots of big jewelry.
  • Second Tree Man - Outgoing, but basically the "yes man" to the First Tree Man.
  • Father of Well-Behaved Children - Sensitive, friendly, down-to-earth; neatly but informally dressed.
  • Mother of Well-Behaved Children - Intelligent, helpful; dressed in neat sportswear.
  • Well-Behaved Children:
    • Brother - Good-natured, eager; dressed in neat, casual clothes.
    • Sister - Friendly, inquisitive, endearing to others; wearing a bright dress.

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We Wish You A Merry Christmas




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